“I have but gone to another room”

A well prepared and delivered funeral celebrates and honours a loved ones life by farewelling them onto the next stage of their journey with love, dignity and compassion.

A personal funeral service involves meeting with family and friends to create, with care and sensitivity, an accurate portrayal of the deceased; the life they lived, their loves, passions and achievements.

It is a time to reflect on all we meant to them and they to us. A loving ceremony helps give closure and assists in the grieving process.

“Diane was  recently celebrant for my husbands funeral. She attended to all details during his palliative care, through his funeral, to  ongoing support, for all our family, in a manner, of respect, dignity,  practical helpfulness, and  a very rare deep awareness. This facilitated this very difficult time for myself and our family , to be  rich, rewarding, and  in ease. A celebration of my husbands life  as a profoundly  dignified funeral, was arranged for us, with Diane at the helm.

Diane’s unobtrusive attention to detail and liasing, with us, and with  our chosen funeral director,  meant we were ensured that every wish of  ours was  very respectfully attended to. Diane then  also delivered all parts of eulogies we were unable to , at the actual funeral. In our case, this meant she read every  word, of several family and friends wishing to speak, beause we were too emotional to do it ourselves.

Diane’s depth of  true attention and knowledge, and vast celebrant experience , was the biggest blessing to myself and our family , that  enhanced and embraced  all our  feelings and needs of this  major life passage.  I and my family are highly grateful to Diane and the true compassion, understanding and sensitivity she is gifted to bring  to such a potent life passage.”




Zonti. 2010