A wedding unites both partners in a common goal; to honour and support each other in being the best they can be. United as one they begin on a path of mutual enrichment and a deepening love and knowledge of each other. To publicly declare these intentions creates a solemn joy. The pledging of the vows, the words spoken, the promises made, are more powerful when spoken before your loved ones.

Your wedding day is an opportunity for you to shine in all your glory and truly enjoy the experience of marrying your beloved.It is my job to assist you in designing a ceremony that reflects your wishes and is totally “you”. Your ceremony, whether simple or rich in traditions and ritual, is individually written based on your unique story.

I encourage your input as well as offering many ideas to personalise your ceremony. Whether you want a short simple ceremony, or something more customised, as your Celebrant I will take the time and effort to discover the details that will make it your wedding.